As signs and/or symptoms of a metabolic disorder may not be apparent at birth, newborn screening provides two main advantages:

Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Expanded newborn screening can help identify newborns with potentially life-altering disorders. Although 99% of all babies will have normal results, the greatest benefit is allowing the 1% of babies to receive early diagnosis and treatment so that they do not proceed to developing serious and lifelong complications.

Reduces Financial Burden

Newborns with undetected metabolic disorders can go on to develop serious lifelong complications, such as physical disability or mental retardation, which will create long-term financial burden for the families affected. The initial one-time cost of expanded newborn screening is considered very low when compared to the long-term financial burden of morbidity caused by metabolic disorders.

Expanded newborn screening is an essential step in newborn care to prevent metabolic disorders from going undetected in your baby.