If the patient has elected for Metascreen via:

Maternity hospital:

The urine specimen will be collected by a healthcare professional from the hospital and will be picked up by your Metascreen provider from hospital directly.

Obstetrician or Paediatrician

The urine specimen will be collected at home by the patient.
The patient is required to contact the Metascreen provider to arrange for specimen pick up.

The urine colour of the filter paper in the figures below is used for illustration purpose only. The colour of your baby’s urine should be pale, water-coloured or apple-juice-coloured.

Collection of urine specimen is a very simple procedure. However, to ensure that metabolites are released into urine, the urine specimen should only be collected after 48 hours from birth. Please see the step by step explanation of the urine collection procedure:

Watch How to Collect Urine Specimen

Step 1: Has my baby passed collection criteria?

  • My baby is at least TWO (2) days old.
  • My baby has taken at least one feed TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours ago.

Step 2: Follow the procedure below to collect your baby’s urine

Place a filter paper on the diaper
  • Take out ONE (1) piece of filter paper and stick adhesive part securely at front ring of the baby’s diaper.
  • Sometimes, the filter paper may protrude out of the baby’s diaper especially with smaller babies.
Check filter paper condition
  • Check if the baby’s urine is fully absorbed onto the filter paper.
  • Discard the filter paper if baby's stool or blood was mixed, baby’s urine was not completely absorbed and did not meet the collection criteria.
  • Repeat steps (1) and (2) with a fresh piece of filter paper.
Air-dry filter paper
  • Air-dry the filter paper by holding the non-rounded end labelled ‘HOLD HERE’ via a binder clip.
  • Alternatively, place the filter paper on top of the zip-lock bag or any DRY & CLEAN surface possible to air-dry.
  • DO NOT air-dry on any absorbent (for e.g. tissue paper) or wet surface, direct sunlight or use instruments for air-drying, like hair dryer.
  • It takes at least 2 hours to air-dry the filter paper completely in the room temperature.
Seal dried filter paper tightly
  • Place the dried filter paper back in the zip-lock bag and seal the bag tightly.
  • Fill out Mother’s Name on the identification label provided and stick ONE (1) label on the zip-lock bag.
  • Discard unused filter paper.

Complete the following items and place it properly in the Metascreen envelope.

  • Urine specimen collection form - All mandatory fields in the form MUST BE filled up.
    Stick ONE (1) identification label onto the form. Kindly provide as many details as possible of the clinical or medical conditions of the baby, if any.
  • Seal dried filter paper (with your baby’s urine sample)
  • Please arrange for pick up as soon as possible for quick result turnaround.