The Collected Data will be used by Cordlife for the following purposes: processing your registration of the Service; collecting and identifying the Specimen provided by you for the Service; and enabling the provision of the Service to you. Kindly note that it is mandatory for you to provide all the personal data requested here and in the Urine Specimen Collection Form. If you do not provide such personal data, Cordlife may not be able provide the Service to you.

The Collected Data will only be handled by Cordlife. To the extent necessary for purposes above, the Collected Data will be transferred to Hong Kong Screening Centre Ltd (“HKSC”). Otherwise, the Collected Data will not be transferred to any other third party without your prior consent, unless required by any competent court or judicial, governmental or regulatory body or pursuant to any relevant law or regulation.

You have the right to request access to and correction of the Collected Data. If you wish to access or correct the Collected Data, please contact Cordlife.